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Stimulate your senses with a visit to The Smoke That Thunders, otherwise known as Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Although many tourists flock to its more famous neighbors, Zambia has continued to maintain its off the beaten path charm. With its abundant diversity of wildlife, untouched natural landscapes, and welcoming people, experience real Africa.

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Two lionesses in Zambia

A Zambian safari is not about seeing; it is about feeling. In one week, you can mix many of the continent’s famous safari experiences and explore the purity and authenticity that takes Zambia far beyond just a sightseeing trip. Predators at night, safari on foot and from the water, aerial imagery and close-up photography hides all bring ways for Zambia’s highlights to impress all your senses. They also celebrate a thrilling diversity with time spent at Victoria Falls, the South Luangwa savanna, and the Lower Zambezi wetlands making for the perfect safari adventure.

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Leopard lounging on a tree branch in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia
10-Day Highlights of Zambia Safari

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $12,605

Zambia is not just a safari, but an immersion in the raw brilliance of big-game Africa. You will witness leopards, lions, elephant herds, and endemic species, and get even closer on game walks and nighttime drives. Privately guided and handcrafted, this 10-day safari honors the highlights of Zambia and why it is Africa’s next big destination. Four days in South Luangwa are complemented by two days in the Lower Zambezi wetlands and three days in Mosi-oa-Tunya, where rhinos are just up -river from Victoria Falls.

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Zebras in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya
Intimate Zambia and Expressive Kenya Safari Itinerary

15 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $18,910

Kenya and Zambia make perfect safari companions.  Kenya is open and expressive, a space of astonishing animal numbers and the drama of the endless plains while Zambia are diverse and intimate, creating an exclusive experience that takes you further into the wild. This dreamy luxury safari will spend a week in each country and blend the best of the eastern and southern African regions to celebrate the best of a wild, untouched continent. Expect iconic highlights, private excursions, and profound encounters.

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Female elephant with her calf on the banks of the Zambezi River in Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia

Canoeing past hippos, learning to track endemic antelopes, nighttime drives encountering leopards on the prowl; Zambia is the perfect country for fully customizing a family adventure, the variety and quality of safari ensures that everyone lives out their safari dream. Using private villas and fully tailored family activities, this 10-day safari celebrates the essence of Zambia and African safari, from the thrilling big game to the unique surprises.

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Wild dog in Kafue National Park, Zambia
Before the Fame: Safari to Zambia’s Hidden Gems

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $13,723

Africa still has big-game landscapes that have yet to be documented and discovered. Zambia’s Liuwa Plain and Kafue National Parks have only just opened to tourists, and the experience is remarkable as you can explore a final frontier that was previously inaccessible. The wildlife is outstanding and ranges from famous predators to mass migrations, and wildlife reacts without fear of your presence. This 12-day itinerary is a unique chance to experience these new, almost secret destinations before they reach world fame.  As you dream of your perfect itinerary, consider browsing our many other itineraries as your safari tour to Zambia is handcrafted for you.

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Zambezi River and Victoria Falls from the air in Zambia
Two-Week Highlights of Zambia Safari Tour by Light Aircraft

14 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $16,375

Zambia is pure wilderness as the country effortlessly leads you into the delights and dramas of the wild. Accessing these national parks on foot,  you can spot giant mammals crossing the evocative plains and natural wonders that remain untouched by time. This 2-week luxury safari will hop between the national parks by light aircraft to unravel the surprises and subtleties that lie in the heart of Africa with wetlands of the Lower Zambezi, Victoria Falls, South Luangwa, North Luangwa, and Kafue.

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Hippopotamus walking out of water with hyacinth weed and egret on her back

Gallop with the zebra, walk amongst the elephants, and paddle past the hippos and lions as your itinerary brings delightful and exclusive safari perspectives, bringing you out of the vehicle and into the untouched African atmosphere. Your handcrafted safari will celebrate unique vantage points with days spent enjoying Africa’s original walking safari in South Luangwa, safari on horseback with the herds of Kafue, and several days of water-based safari with the big game of the Lower Zambezi wetlands. Consider browsing some of our other vacations as you handcraft a safari in Zambia that will exceed your expectations.

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An aerial view of the Victoria Falls
Zambia and the Cape: Vic Falls, Private Safari, Nature and Culture

13 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $8,614

Explore Southern Africa’s cultural and natural highlights with this exclusive safari that will connect a region’s flagship destinations. Immerse yourself in its most captivating city, lose yourself in its enduring wilderness and explore the elegance of its wine lands as you feel the untamed power of nature. Your 13-day adventure will combine South Africa’s Cape with Zambia’s wild backcountry for an iconic fusion of everything that is so alluring and rewarding about Southern Africa.

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Lion resting in Busanga Plains of Kafue National Park, Zambia
Legendary Predators of Africa: An Intimate Zambian Safari

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $6,430

Leopards prowl beneath the moonlight, cheetahs and wild dogs cross the iconic open plains, lions inhabit trees and chase endemic species as your time in Zambia will bring an inspiring intimacy with Africa’s legendary predators. This handcrafted safari will follow the iconic hunters through South Luangwa and Kafue National Parks with exclusive activities bringing extraordinary moments. The itinerary will take you off the beaten track and into the wilderness where predators will always take center stage in nature’s theatre.

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Elephant herd migration in Botswana
The Great Elephant Migration Across Zambia & Botswana Safari

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $14,152

Exclusively handcrafted, this 11-day safari celebrates the beauty of the world’s largest land mammal. You will follow the biggest elephant migration, be surrounded by Africa’s largest elephant population, and enjoy an astonishing intimacy with tens of thousands of pachyderms. Exploring Zambia and Botswana, you will trace the giants on a surreal mix of game drives, nighttime drives, walking safaris and boat trips for the world’s ultimate elephant adventure. Of all of the safari options, this itinerary will keep your attention on the amazing elephants while also giving you a chance to enjoy the full cast of African wildlife.

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Sunset view from chalet near Victoria Falls, Zambia.  Photo courtesy of Sindabezi Island Camp
Zambia Safari for Couples: Private Activities & Romantic Accommodations

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $11,825

Romance blossoms in Zambia with island escapes surrounded by hippos, honeymoon suites hidden amongst herds and champagne cruises past elephants. With three of the country’s three most exclusive properties, this safari itinerary combines an evocative private safari with new definitions of getaway. You will be alone in the wild, enveloped by wildlife thrills while enjoying the opulence of contemporary design. Featuring Victoria Falls, South Luangwa, and Lower Zambezi, experience it all together for the adventure of a lifetime.

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Penguins on Boulder Beach near Simon's Town in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

Discover a wonderful mixture of wilderness, wildlife, and culture during your 15-day family African safari that takes you to South Africa, Zambia, and Botswana. Immerse your family in savannah and wild riverbanks as you search for elephants, rhinoceroses, and lions. From witnessing the roar of Victoria Falls to penguins lounging on a beach outside of Cape Town, you will build everlasting memories on your African family safari.

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Africa’s Original Luxury Walking Safari: Exploring South Luangwa on Foot

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $5,975

You see Africa from a safari vehicle. You feel Africa when traveling on foot. South Luangwa is where the multi-day walking safari was born. And it’s where walking remains king. Every sound. Each subtle change in smell. The intangible atmosphere that rises from the ground. The tingling goosebumps. It’s a version of Africa that lives on in your soul, refusing to be captured in a mere photograph or tamed. This unique Zambia walking safari combines walking with luxurious camps for the ultimate feeling of Africa.

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Essential Zambia and Malawi: The Idyllic Safari Getaway

15 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $9,940

Escapist and evocative, this two-week safari will explore the very best of Zambia and Malawi. Nighttime drives to admire leopards on the prowl, lazy days on Lake Malawi and the Zambezi River, elephants spotted while on a walking safari, canoeing past hippos, exquisite luxury camps, and a daily program that is expertly tailored to your interests. Including over a week of inspiring Big Five safari, this itinerary brings a relaxing getaway into the world where lions are king, and you can watch hippos while sunbathing.

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Escaping the World: The Offbeat Zambian Adventure for Safari Aficionados

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $15,283

Zambia does safari differently. Remote multi-day walks track unique mammals, intrepid overland adventures connect contrasting worlds without another person in sight; you’re submerged in wildernesses that haven’t been seen or documented. Handcrafted for safari aficionados and those that have visited Africa before, this exclusive 12-day journey reveals three Zambian parks that are arguably the best-kept secrets on the continent: North Luangwa, Kafue and Liuwa Plain.

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Africa’s Ultimate Walking Safari: South & North Luangwa

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $12,722

Zambia is Africa’s premier walking safari destination, and this handcrafted 11-day safari combines two exceptionally unique experiences. Relish the thrills of a one-way adventure through South Luangwa, with mobile camps along the game-rich Mupamadzi River. Then settle into the staggering ambiance of North Luangwa with four days of customized walks from one of the continent’s most remote luxury camps. Expect limitless adventure, unrivaled authenticity, and absolute wilderness.

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Thrills on the Zambezi: A Safari to Zambia’s Adventure Capital

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $14,295

The Zambezi River is Southern Africa’s adventure capital as big game adds new drama to nature’s escapades. Walk with rhinos, camp with elephants, kayak past hippos, bungee jump next to Victoria Falls, and enjoy days full of exciting safari activities. Tailored for the intrepid traveler, this 10-day safari features the best of everything that gives the Zambezi its reputation. Think big cats, exhilarating activity and pure adrenalin followed by memorable evenings where you settle into African hospitality and comfort.

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Zambia Honeymoon: Safari, Victoria Falls & Zambezi River

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $7,145

Zambia's undiscovered beauty offers a feast for the senses. Seven days in South Luangwa National Park offer a liberating escape into the African bush, one that's packed full of spectacular wildlife encounters. From walking safaris and total immersion in the wilderness to a three-day extension beyond the national park to a lodge on an island in the Zambezi River, just upstream from the majestic Victoria Falls, this 11-day honeymoon vacation captures the essence of Zambia.

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Exclusive Big-Game Zambia Safari

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $6,105

Zambia is not a country that you will visit, rather it is a country that you will explore. Tucked away from the tourist trail, Zambia is home to some of Africa’s finest safari destinations and will lead you on an immersive journey to the heart of the continent. This itinerary will celebrate three flagship destinations and explore Zambia from all of its eclectic angles. Track rhinos on foot, follow big cats on nighttime drives, cruise past hippos, soar above Victoria Falls and feel your sense of adventure.

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Private North Luangwa Mobile Camping Safari

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $13,879

In Zambia’s North Luangwa National Park, luxury is in the experience. Vehicles cannot penetrate this wilderness, and the park is only open June to October, and only to visitors on foot. The Big Five roam here, along with a diverse cast of four-legged icons. You are completely immersed at mobile camps along the rivers, then astonishingly intimate on a private 6-day walking safari. It is perhaps Africa’s deepest and rarest connection with the big-game world.

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The Heart of Africa: Luxury Luangwa Safari & Lake Malawi

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $14,035

Uncover the heart of Africa, combining two exquisite and untouched destinations. First explore South Luangwa National Park, a seductive paradise that connects the highlights of big-game safari. See the predators and follow the trails around the Luangwa River for three days, then disappear into the remote bush for some thrilling safari under canvas where there is a new activity every day. Finally, you will escape to Lake Malawi and enjoy five days of revitalization beside sandy beaches and fresh water.

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Immersive Zambia: Africa’s Most Complete Safari Experience

9 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $9,121

Zambia’s most mesmerizing appeal comes from the diversity of safari perspectives. Horseback ride with giraffe and rhinos, savor Africa’s premier walking safari, and watch animals quarrel on the river banks from a motorboat and a canoe. Game drives go off the trail and continue into the night, helicopters take you above Victoria Falls, and light aircraft connects the various parks that are teeming with an abundant cast of wildlife. Welcome to the big-game wilderness, where every activity offers a completely new experience.

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Following the Elephants: A Multi-Country Safari to Zambia and Botswana

14 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $12,553

Zambia and Botswana radiate authenticity and celebrate the remarkable diversity of big-game Africa. This handcrafted safari reveals the best of both countries, starting in Zambia with drives and walks on the South Luangwa savannah, then canoeing and exploring the Lower Zambezi wetland. Stop at Victoria Falls, then follow the elephants into Botswana and the Chobe woodland, before completing the journey on the world’s largest salt pan, guided by Zu/’hoasi Bushmen from the Kalahari.

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Zambia Safari Adventure for Solo Travelers

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $14,152

Zambia radiates adventure, and many possibilities are found in Africa’s under-visited gem. Enjoy dramatic big-game safari throughout day and night, camp amongst thousands of elephants, take a microlight flight over Victoria Falls, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the wildlife world. Carefully tailored for solo travelers, this 11-day adventure is packed with highlights like these. Some days provide intrepid solo adventure, and others join fellow safari goers in Zambia’s wilderness.

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