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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Charlotte in Kyoto

Charlotte's Travel Agency


 Based on 32 reviews

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Verified Review

Donald G.
Submitted on 4.28.2023

In late 2019 we booked a trip to Japan through our travel agency that was to happen in Spring 2020. Then Covid appeared and the world shut down. During the delay, the company was clear and timely in communication as we tried to reschedule our trip a few times, hoping Japan would allow tourists again. After 3 years Japan finally reopened and we were able to complete our vacation in April, 2023.The wait was worth it. From beginning to end of our 15 day visit, we were guided and assisted by friendly, knowledgeable guides and drivers; we had excellent communication with in-country representatives; we had outstanding accommodations; we saw the big tourist attractions and a few "special" tours where it was just us, our guide and local residents. All in all an amazing experience that we could never have planned by ourselves.Thanks to Charlotte and the team at the travel company and to our wonderful guides in Japan. This was a vacation we will never forget.

Travel agent Albee in Vietnam

Albee's Travel Agency


 Based on 3 reviews

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Myanmar (Burma)
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Verified Review

marsha s.
Submitted on 11.29.2022

Albee from this travel company helped plan my trip to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Albee helped design the perfect trip for us, since it was a private trip for 2! She listened and modified the itinerary during the planning, and kept in touch with tips and timely notices along the way. She designed an awesome trip for us with a perfect balance of structure and free time, tourist sights with local culture, beautiful hotels in such convenient locations... perfectly paced trip without a single snag! Guides and drivers met us seamlessly and were all attentive, personable, knowledgeable, and fun! With Albee's insights, this trip surpassed any of my expectations! I highly recommend her without any hesitation! 

Travel agent Danny in China

Denny's Travel Agency


 Based on 5 reviews

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Verified Review

Nancy W.
Submitted on 11.15.2018

Our planner provided us with an imaginative itinerary that we would never have imagined ourselves. She was responsive with her suggestions and to answer our questions. We had planned to stay in Shanghai and perhaps to out to one of the water towns.  Our planner suggested that we think a little bigger and go to Huangshan and stay for 3 nights. We loved the boutique hotel--probably our favorite place.Our trip required a lot of moving around; our three guides + drivers got us to and from each location without a single misstep. We didn't waste a minute trying to figure out our logistics. I would say that each one went above our expectations. Also, the within Shanghai itinerary got us to the top spots without a hitch.The only thing I would fault is that our guide in Huanshan did not speak English as clearly as we would have liked, but he certainly did his best. All three guides were soft spoken, personable and attentive to detail.Also, while knowledgeable about China, none of the guides were academic or history experts.  But we have no complaints!

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China Tour Review: Hiking the Great Wall, Gubei Water Town, Cooking with Local Farmer's Family, Beijing, 18-Day Trip


Logan S.
Dec 03, 2019
I am going to break this into a couple different segments to more effectively provide my comments. Planning Phase Agent:Working with our agent during the planning phase was probably this lowest part of the trip.  I travel for work so it fell to my wife to make the arrangements.  She is a very good planner and had many specific requests for this trip.  Due to both of the travel companies lack of desire/ability? to change the itinerary we almost didn't book through either travel agent.  After we discussed it, we gave this travel company another shot and things were marginally better.  We felt like our voice wasn't being heard when we asked specific questions or about activities not on the itinerary.  We ended up booking because the trip that was pre-planned sounded good enough but the whole experience left my wife very unhappy.  Especially after we started the trip and some of the things requested that were denied, were definitely things we could have done.  Being more flexible with their itinerary would have done wonders to improving our satisfaction.   On-Trip Phase Agent:Once we were on the ground in China it was clear that this company had planned things very well.  In 18 days, with 6 domestic flights and 8 guides, there were no hiccups that the company could control.  Daily check-ins by the travel agent were also very welcome.  This was one of the best experiences we have had with a travel agent during a trip. Trip Negatives:-We had two guides that we didn't get along with.  One of them wouldn't speak to my wife and dragged us through our destinations.  The second was basically a second driver, only getting out of the car to get us tickets to the activity.  Both guides had a difficult time with the language but so did several others.  The problem was a conflict in expectations of what their job was. We expected guides, (which our other 6 met our expectations) not a forceful leader and a ticket machine. Trip Positives:Everything else!  Activities were great, accommodations were as expected (first hotel wasn't spectacular but was picked for location), and China was beautiful. Overall Trip:The trip was magnificent and memorable!  The activities were well planned and the weather co-operated as much as could be expected.  It was one of the busiest trips we have ever taken but it was hard to imagine removing any of the wonderful attractions in our itinerary.  Our only negative feelings are towards how the trip was planned and the two guides we didn't get along with.  If the travel company was a little more flexible with their itinerary, or listened to our requests, this would have been the perfect trip.  

China & Nepal Vacation Review, Terracotta Army, Biking Xi'an off the City Wall, Monasteries, Mount Everest Base Camp, Kathmandu


Rodney S.
Nov 29, 2019
The trip was fantastic. Everything went smoothly and all our guides and drivers were wonderful. We loved the app the travel company gave us that had all our trip details and lots of helpful and useful information. That was super useful and we could share it with our daughter as she tracked us from home. The accommodations were really nice. We only had one issue. The hotel in Shegar, Tibet - we realize that as we traveled further away from Lhasa in Tibet, the choices in hotels is very limited. But the room was freezing cold all night and the drains didn't work well, which normally isn't an issue, except the shower didn't have a separate stall, so the water just went all over the bathroom. Combine that with a floor drain that was extremely slow....we had a puddle in the bathroom for the night. Still not a big issue until you add in the freezing temps... Other than those two nights, the trip was wonderful! 

China Luxury Vacation Review: Lhasa, Xian Terracotta Army, the Great Wall of China, Large Cities to Small Villages, Culture


Sherry Y.
Oct 21, 2019
We traveled with this tour company for 30+ days all through China and our experience was excellent. They were on it, in all aspects. From the knowledgeable and courteous guides to the transportation, tours, transfers and the care they made sure we were escorted and taken care of all along the way. We felt confident and comfortable in all the travel and the sites and tours that we went on were great and met all of our expectations. 

China Luxury Trip Review: Dali Three Pagodas, Dongchuan Red Lands, Lijiang, Hangzhou, Longsheng Rice Terrace


Joan B.
Oct 24, 2019
This tour company was very easy to work with. They listened to what we wanted, which was not a standard China tour, and came back with good suggestions. They would guide us when we were asking to go somewhere that would take up a lot of time due to its remoteness and offer another option.

Japan, South Korea & China Luxury Vacation Review: 17-Day Tour, Excursions & Activities


Sara M.
Sep 30, 2019

We had a wonderful experience coordinated by our travel specialist!!! We had all things covered starting with the vacation schedule and all the way through. All those arrangements which were coordinated by the company and its partners were perfectly executed with all the details needed. The selected travel guides in all the cities in Japan, South Korea and China made us feel special and happy throughout the whole time in every city.

China Travel Agent Review, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Stone Forest, Rice Terraces, Music Concerts, Yangtze River Cruise, Shanghai


Don A.
Oct 04, 2019
The trip was well planned and everything went according to the plan.  We were always met at the train station or airport and then driven to our hotel.  The drivers were excellent drivers, very safety conscious, helpful and courteous.  The guides were also very helpful and courteous and very knowledgeable.  All guides spoke acceptable English and many of them had exceptionally good English.  Hotels were excellent and well located.  The travel agent we dealt with was polite, courteous and helpful and incorporated all of our wishes. With the exception of one plane flight all other transportation was either by train or car.  The trains were comfortable and convenient and you are not wasting time at the airport plus you get to see the landscape.  I would definitely use this travel company again. 

Travel Review: China Trip, Beijing, 9-Day Tour


Glen B.
Jul 09, 2019
My family and I had a wonderful experience in China.

China, Nepal, Bhutan, Nepal & South Korea Review, Meeting Locals, Walking the Cities


Kenneth M.
Aug 12, 2019
The trip was very well organized. Becase of the countiries I visited, having to arrange visas and travel permits would have been extremely difficult to setup by myself.This is an excellent example of using a conpany like this tour company to schedule a full itinerary with guides, hotels, and tours to make sure you get the most out of your vacation time.

China Travel Agent Review: Rice Fields, Mountains, Relaxation, Culture


Mauri H.
Aug 15, 2019
We had a great time on this trip. The travel company representatives helped us plan and think through what was possible given our timeframe. The quality of local guides varied; some were just okay, others were great. When unforeseen circumstances arose where we had to change the last part of our trip, a travel specialist was responsive over a chat app so we never felt alone in trying to deal with the issue. 

Travel Review: China Family Vacation, Hong Kong, 13-Day Trip


Corey J.
Jun 25, 2019
Our travel specialist and their company were a dream to work with.  Communication was easy and our travel specialist was very responsive. They helped us plan a family trip to China and everything went smoothly.  The guides were great and transportation was prompt and easy.  I'd highly recommend using them if you're planning a trip to China.
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