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Set in the Indian Ocean in South Asia, this remarkable tropical island nation has a written history of over 2,500 years. The original spirit of Buddhism can be felt throughout the island, and there is a deep appreciation for nature and its inhabitants. Witness hundreds of elephants congregating at Minneriya National Park, relax on the resplendent white sandy beaches, and explore the Pearl of the Indian Ocean for yourself.

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Tailor Made Itineraries

Get inspired with our sample trips below. Let our travel specialists customize a trip just for you.

Lion Rock fortress Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
VIP Tour of Sri Lanka: A Signature Experience

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $12,475

From ancient frescoes to captivating relics, dramatic fortresses to enchanting wildlife, you will have an exclusive experience steeped in the wonders of Sri Lanka during your custom tailored tour. Bask in the succulent aromas of a home-cooked meal that you prepare during a private lesson. Keep an eye out for the elusive leopard skulking through the tall plains. The sunlight reflects off the whitewashed walls of a colonial fortress while waterfalls accentuate the majesty of the countryside. Whether partaking in traditional ceremonies or wandering along gorgeous jungle trails, you will discover exceptional and unforgettable Sri Lanka.

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Train goes through jungle in Sri Lanka
Pleasures of a Perfect Week in Sri Lanka Itinerary

7 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,725

Embrace perfection in the majesty of Sri Lanka, discovering ancient temples and captivating wilderness on your custom-tailored tour. Enjoy the majestic mists of a staggering waterfall as it trundles over a cliff. Relish the unique view of Asian elephants wandering in the plains. Scour the treetops for leopards and toque macaques. Travel the trails leading to a summit sacred to Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, and Hindus. Whether participating in the exhilarating drumbeats of a traditional performance or learning the art of tea making, you will uncover elements of perfection in the beauty and charm of Sri Lanka.

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A couple swims in the ocean in the Maldives.
Romance in Tropical Sri Lanka and The Maldives

14 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $14,555

Between Sri Lanka and the Maldives, boundless beauty is yours to discover with this resplendent 14-day tour to a collection of palatial resorts within some of the most breathtaking settings. Along the way, your expedition will reveal the spiritual origins of Sri Lankan culture, present bucolic scenes, and provide you with idyllic moments on an exclusive island getaway.

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Temple of the Tooth, Sri Lanka
Revealing Kingdoms of Past & Present: A Cultural Tour of Sri Lanka

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,859

Ancient civilizations and wandering elephants, Buddhist philosophy, and coconut palms have all shaped the culture of Sri Lanka. Your customizable tour introduces you to the continued traditions and contemporary lifestyles of the island nation, emphasizing passionate nightly dance performances and elegant botanical gardens. Traverse national parks in search of elusive leopards and endangered monkeys. Climb historical stairways to reach a breathtaking palace set atop a monolith summit. From the throne of the Island’s last king to a holy relic of Buddha, your cultural exploration takes you along the beauty and splendor of the past and present of Sri Lanka.

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Tropical beach in Sri Lanka
Exotic Sri Lanka Getaway Vacation

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,859

Indulge in tropical Paradise while basking in the luxuries of Sri Lanka. The pristine golden beaches shimmer against the backdrop of sapphire waters. Waves curl over adventurous surfers. Outrigger canoes cast their sail into the wind, with fishermen eager to find a perfect catch. Visit newborn turtles in a private hatchery and relax your body and mind with Ayurvedic spa treatment techniques refined over thousands of years. From radiant coral reefs to the whitewashed walls of preserved Dutch colonial homes, you will discover the treasured shorelines and cultures of Sri Lanka during your custom tour tailored to capture unique splendor.

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The Golden Temple in Dambulla, Sri Lanka
An Intimate Romantic Vacation to Sri Lanka

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,575

Celebrate romantic ambiance and tropical wonder during your custom tailored tour of Sri Lanka. Elephants wander along the plains grazing on the endless grass as beaches shimmer with golden sand and the indigo waters of the Indian Ocean. Blue whales spout water into the air and dancers move to the beat of a drum set by the traditions of past kings. From a secluded fortress atop a monolith’s summit to the Dutch colonial fortress that overlooks the coast, your time in Sri Lanka will immerse you in passion and luxury, tradition and beauty for an unforgettable romance.

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Silhouettes of the traditional fishermen at the sunset near Galle in Sri Lanka
Visions of the Past: Sri Lankan Heritage & History Tour

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,859

Follow in the footsteps of kings and colonial powers during your custom tailored historical tour of Sri Lanka. Ancient monasteries hide within mountainous boulders, and Dutch colonial architecture overlooks the golden shoreline. Elephants graze on the plains and bathe in the reservoirs and represent the strong connection of current culture to ancient heritage. Pilgrims join a morning procession to reach their favored religious temple and markets abound with enchanting aromas and vibrant colors. Indulge in the power of the past and embrace the splendors of antiquity during your luxurious discovery of Sri Lanka.

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Elephant family in Sri Lanka

The rich diversity of the Sri Lankan ecosystem inspires and delights with visions of blue whales and mighty Asian elephants, elusive leopards, and hidden red slender loris. Your immersive customizable tour will put the unforgettable scenery of the island nation at the heart of your exploration. Listen to rambunctious toque macaques scour the trees, discover the whitewater that forms Baker’s Waterfall and then traverse the savanna-like landscape in search of elephant herds bathing in the reservoir. From tea plantations in the mountains to caves utilized by Buddhist monks, the wonders of Sri Lanka emanate from the landscape.

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Featured Articles

Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka
View of Little Adams Peak in Ella, Sri Lanka
Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka

The best time to visit Sri Lanka is generally between December and April. These months fall within the dry season on the popular west and southwest coasts and hill country.

You may also choose to visit the quieter east coast to avoid the crowds. Ideally you should travel to this side of the island between May and October.

Sri Lanka is a picture-perfect choice that boasts the pleasures of the tropics and the spirit of South Asia, while being a unique island to visit. Do you want to explore the palm-fringed beaches, marvelous temples, and stunning scenery of Sri Lanka? Then you can use this guide to navigate the best time to visit for various experiences and goals.

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Top 6 Things to Do in Sri Lanka
Beach view in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka
Top 6 Things to Do in Sri Lanka

The top six things to do in Sri Lanka will introduce you to diverse cultural neighborhoods in historic cities, incredible slices of untouched wilderness, and beautiful beaches on which you can enjoy seaside scenery and seafood.

In Sri Lanka, temples illuminate a spiritual history that retains centuries of tradition. The culinary culture brings to life regional flavors you cannot find anywhere else in the world. There are silky-soft beaches on which to stroll, magnificent national parks to traverse, and historic tea plantations to visit.

You can experience all of this and more as you browse our list of the top six things to do in Sri Lanka for vacation inspiration.

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