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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Suzie in Indonesia

Suzie's Travel Agency


 Based on 156 reviews

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Bali / Indonesia
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Verified Review

June M.
Submitted on 4.18.2023

The trip was fun and exciting and went very well.  The guides chosen were very knowledgeable and attentive.  Logistics were good as well.  Suzie and the team were all very attentive. 

Travel agent Michael in Bali

Michael's Travel Agency


 Based on 314 reviews

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Bali / Indonesia
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Verified Review

Chuck M.
Submitted on 5.13.2023

This was an excellent company to work with. We would recommend to all.  However I want to preface this review by stating that this trip was planned back in Jan. of 2020, prior to the Chinese virus disaster, and that this trip was postponed in March 2020 for 3 consecutive years. Our original travel planner left the company, and a new one was installed to carry on this trip to completion, (she did a great job).  The goal of our trip was based on cultural aspects and the people of the countries visited.  Despite setbacks, all and all this was a good trip.   Of course, there were several instances beyond everyone’s control that caused this trip to be less than stellar.  Weather (pollution). We didn't see the sun for 30+ days, and changes due to the Chinese virus. The explanation of events and itinerary were far more glorious than received.  Not bad, but different.  But all in all it was a great trip nonetheless. Yes we would recommend to all.  

Travel agent Dharsana in Bali offfice

Dharsana's Travel Agency


 Based on 23 reviews

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Bali / Indonesia

Verified Review

Gwen R.
Submitted on 5.4.2023

What a trip!! It was full of fun, relaxation and adventure.The Balanise people are wonderful, caring, humble and gracious.  From the moment we got off the plane until we got back on, we were taken care of and felt like we were royalty.  It was awesome not to stress about where we were going or how we were getting there.  The process of creating our trip with Dharsana (San for short) was awesome.  We emailed and talked consistently.  He even went to one of the places we were considering and did a video call with us.  We did some research on items that we definately wanted to do and San suggested some items that were fabulous.  It was easy to review our itenerary and makechanges. San met us at the airport as well and ended up spending some time with us during our stay.   Our Guides and our Driver were excellent.  We have been telling our friends and family about the wonderful time we had and would love to go back.

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Travel agent John in Indonesia

John's Travel Agency


 Based on 161 reviews

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Bali / Indonesia
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Myanmar (Burma)
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Verified Review

Robert F.
Submitted on 5.24.2023

Travel agency was great.  They dealt with us delaying the trip a couple times secondary to the persistent issue with Covid.  They were very flexible and quickly responsive at all times.  We had many changes and adjustments with our itinerary over the couple of years adjusting the trip. They took care of things without a problem.  Could not be more pleased with my dealings with them and would definitely use them again.

Travel agent Jasmine in Indonesia

Jasmine's Travel Agency


 Based on 1 reviews

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Bali / Indonesia

Verified Review

Kenneth O.
Submitted on 12.20.2022

Everyone was professional and very helpful.

Travel agent Marleen in Bali

Marleen's Travel Agency


 Based on 4 reviews

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Bali / Indonesia

Verified Review

clelia z.
Submitted on 6.27.2019

Our trip was great, no complaints about the travel company which was very supportive and responsive to any requests and last minute change of plans. We normally like to explore the unbeaten paths when we travel and just felt instead we were following more the touristy crowd. As a young couple who likes adventure we would have appreciated more to have the guide to explore places that are more for locals.We noticed the travel company was not too familiar with the hotels we stayed and think might be important for the agents to see the locations in person to give better guidance.  

Featured Reviews

Indonesia Luxury Vacation Review: Bali, 18-Day Trip


Samantha P.
May 31, 2023
Excellent personal care. Will definitely use again on our next trip to Bali.

Luxury Indonesia Honeymoon Review: Bali, Canggu Village, Nusa Penida Island, Snorkeling


Abbee M.
Oct 04, 2022
Dharsana with the travel company did an amazing job planning our Honeymoon to Bali! I'm so impressed with his attention to detail and caring nature. He spent so much time communicating with me to make sure we were happy with our itinerary. He also was in touch the entire time we were in Bali to make sure we were enjoying our trip and that we had everything we needed. If we ever have the privilege to travel to Bali again, Dharsana will be the first person I contact. I can't say enough good things about him and the entire experience from beginning to end. Only regret is that we couldn't stay longer!! Thank you, Dharsana. You made our honeymoon unforgettable! Much love! 

Luxury Indonesia Honeymoon Tour Review: Bali, Sanur, Senggigi, Lombok, Gili, Ubud, Beach, Rainforest, Private Excursions


Avery T.
Oct 11, 2022

We hired this travel company to help us plan our 2 week honeymoon from Philadelphia, PA to Indonesia. I hate to even say hired because they felt like family to us by the end.

My husband and I spent nearly a year working with a US based travel agent before we found this travel agency. It was during COVID so there was lots of restrictions and unknowns. It was an unusual and scary time to be planning travel but eventually the borders to Indonesia opened just weeks before our wedding. We were ready to pull the trigger but after many unanswered calls and emails we eventually heard back from the original travel agent who said she was in a car accident and unable to continue with our booking. While very sympathetic to her situation, we were left high and dry. We didn’t feel comfortable booking on our own given all the COVID red tape and we had a bunch on our plate already with planning our wedding. I couldn’t imagine starting over with someone new. We felt let down and very discouraged.

But then we found Dharsana at this travel company through Zicasso and he rescued us. The man is absolutely brilliant and a true expert at his craft. I will admit, I had my initial reservations working with a non US based travel agency at first but Dharsana quickly helped break down that bias.

Some highlights throughout the planning process include:

He speaks impeccable English so no need to be concerned with a language barrier during planning – by phone, via email or whatsapp.There is a 12 hour time difference between Philadelphia, PA and Indonesia but you wouldn’t even know planning with Dharsana because he always made sure our meetings were convenient to us.To say he is timely with responses is an understatement. He was by our side the ENTIRE planning process. I remember thinking of questions throughout planning and messaging him on whatsapp. 3pm, 3am… didn’t matter what time it was, he was there.He was impressively thorough and detailed. He knew his country in and out, and it was very clear in the planning process. He ALWAYS came with options and was prepared for every meeting.Most importantly, we TRUSTED him with planning and we are so glad we did.

Once we were ready to book Dharsana made all of our accommodations. He sent us a detailed itinerary of the trip and all of our contacts names/phone numbers which was our lifeline. EVERYTHING you could possibly think of was organized and taken care of. Regardless, if you had a question he was just a text away and incredibly reliable.

Some highlights throughout our trip include:  

The hotels were breathtaking and Dharsana got us the best suite everywhere. We stayed in Sanur Bali, Senggigi Lombok, Gili Lombok and Ubud Bali. They each offer something different which is exactly what we asked Dharsana for. Beach to rainforest and everything in between.Breakfast was included and Dharsana also provided lunch and dinner suggestions. Food was DELICIOUS everywhere.Airline/Boat transportation from Bali to Lombok to Gili and back was included and organized for us.Car Transportation was included, to and from the airports, excursions or anywhere and everywhere we desired. And generally it was the same gentleman which was nice because you got to know one anotherEnglish speaking tour guides were included everywhere. They accompanied us during transport and excursions which was nice to have. And always had snacks/cold bottled waters for us in the car. Also, generally the same person which is comforting. These guides became our dear friends and we are now connected with them on social media to keep in contact. Our guide in Lombok even invited us to his home to visit his village, meet his family and have a home cooked meal together. I couldn’t imagine a more authentic experience.All the people of Indonesia were very kind - In hotels and villages. Its strange coming from America to a culture that is so open and welcoming.VIP airport concierge services was included. Someone met us at the gate and helped navigate through the airport, customs and even skipped some lines.Excursions were included. Some were organized with Dharsana during the planning and some were spur of the moment which Dharsana helped us arrange while we were there. They showed all the beauty Indonesia had to offer and in luxury. ALL private excursions. No crowded tour groups or buses.Random things we needed like a hot spot and adapter were there for us. I even needed a convertor for my hair dryer which Dharsana had mailed to me at the hotel. Who does that!?!?! Dharsana.We let Dharsana know how much cash we needed exchanged and he had it for us upon arrival so we didn’t need to worry about exchanging ourselves or paying a fee.My husband became ill at one point and Dharsana had a medic at the next hotel waiting for him before we even got there.Dharsana is actually in Jakarta which is a couple hour flight from Bali so I was sad at first thinking we wouldn’t get to meet him in person and then he SURPRISED us. He was there upon at arrival at our first hotel to welcome us, he was there when my husband got sick to help us when we were down and make us feel comfortable, and he was there AGAIN at the airport when we left to see us off.   Most importantly, we felt safe with Dharsana and in Indonesia.

An absolutely flawless execution by this travel company. I can sincerely say that our honeymoon would not have been as memorable if it wasn’t for Dharsana and his team. I wouldn’t change a thing and I will NEVER go to Indonesia again without booking with him. I recommend him 100 times and would give ten stars if I could. To our travel agency, we love you and cant wait until we meet again.

Indonesia Luxury Anniversary Trip Review: Bali, Ubud, Seminyak, Temples, Trekking, Waterfalls, Local Cuisine, 2-Week Tour


Harry N.
Jun 05, 2023

For anyone considering a trip to Bali, I very strongly suggest that you work with Dharsana at the travel agency. We had also worked with a second travel agency, but they just did not reach out as much as this one in coming up with a suitable trip and just did not seem as interested.

The trip to Bali, Indonesia was fantastic!!! It was a pleasure working with Dharsana at agency in arranging our vacation. He listened to what I had to say and planned the trip accordingly. His team met us even before going through customs and helped us through the process. I have never experienced that type of assistance with any other travel agency. Dharsana met with us after going through customs and drove with us and a driver to our hotel providing all sorts of information. He also had arranged to convert U.S. dollars into the Indonesia Rupiah when I arrived rather than having to go to a currency exchange. And when our trip was finished, his team helped us through the check in at the airport and took us to a lounge in the airport where we could relax and have free food and drink. I was so surprised by that. Once again, I had never had that kind of assistance before. I was planning on buying a SIM card for my phone, but Dharsana arranged for us to have a device that provided us with WIFI services wherever we went, so a SIM card was not necessary. Again, just another unexpected surprise.

During our trip, we had one problem with one of the hotels we stayed at. Dharsana drove at least one hour both ways to ensure the problem was resolved. In fact, he made two round trips to make sure everything was well taken care of. Further, during our trip he arranged for an anniversary dinner and a birthday dinner. They were great. At the 100 candlelit anniversary dinner, our table was in an excluded area by a river. It was incredibly romantic. They had rose petals spelling out "happy anniversary". The food was fantastic and the entire experience was beyond words. And the restaurant where the birthday dinner was held also provided wonderful food. And Dharsana drove to both restaurants to wish us well on those dinners.

Our trip of 15 nights included 9 nights in Ubud and 6 nights in Seminyak. At both places, we arranged different tours through Dharsana using their own staff. The tours were great. We traveled on these tours with a guide and a driver. He is an excellent driver. We had an excellent guide. Not only did they take us to some wonderful temples, but we got to participate in the prayer services rather than just watch the services. Our guide explained what to do during the services and provided all the prayer boxes that were needed. At one of the temples, whose name is Lempuyang Temple (The Heaven's Gate), there are 1700 steps to climb. My wife and I are in our sixties and found doing the steps a fun challenge. At one point, some of the monkeys on the way up seemed to be getting a little aggressive. Our guide took care of it and I got to learn what to do if monkeys become aggressive. He took pictures with his own phone in addition to using our own phones. He then created some excellent videos using different pictures that he had taken and set them to music.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the people of Bali. They were very friendly and patient. For example, after climbing the 1700 steps, our guide took pictures of my wife and I in front of a sign as proof of our success. Since we were the only Westerners who were successful in climbing the stairs at the time, the Bali residents who made the climb asked us if we would mind them taking pictures with us using their own phone cameras. They asked where we were from. As the photos were taking place, more of the Bali residents asked if they too could have their pictures taken with us. It was a great experience. All of our experiences with the residents of Bali were very pleasant.

In total we did about 7 or 8 tours. Visiting the temples was great. We took a trip to a place where we saw three waterfalls. It was excellent. My wife swam at one or two of the waterfalls, whereas I just walked around. Our trips to the rice terraces were excellent. They were beautiful to see and walk through.  And a must do activity is the sunrise trekking.  This involves climbing a volcano at around 4:00 am to arrive in time to see the sunrise.  It is a difficult walk.  Many young people would have problems.  My wife and I are in good shape, so we managed to climb it in 1 hour 45 minutes.  I only saw two others who were our age or older.

Our hotels were excellent and were suggested by Dharsana. In fact, he gave us a few choices to consider. I then did some research on the hotels to decide which ones to stay at. During my research Dharsana provided some very useful information about the hotels that I used in making a final decision.

The food during our stay was great. My wife is more adventurous than I am when it comes to food and made sure to sample as many Bali dishes as possible. I never heard one complaint from her. At both hotels that we stayed at, breakfast was included. They were superb! You could basically ask for as much food as you wanted and there was a great amount of choices in the foods. Of course it was not just the quantity of food, but the quality was great. We often skipped lunches because the breakfasts were so filling.

In Ubud we stayed at a resort. The rooms there are huge. The rooms also included an outdoor deep soak tub that we took advantage of. There was also a private plunge pool for each room. My only complaint about the pool would be that the temperature of the plunge pool is too cold. As a result, I did not use it as often as I otherwise would have. The main swimming pool was a little too cold as well. In Seminyak we stayed at another resort. I have never been to a hotel that provided such great service. The rooms may not have been as large, but they were easily large enough. The food was fantastic. There was a complimentary tea each afternoon and the swimming pool was wonderful.

Indonesia Luxury Travel Review: Bali, Cooking Class, Local Cuisine, Culture, History, 12-Night Tour


Sonia R.
Apr 02, 2023

I’ve been a lot of places throughout the world, but this trip to Bali was the best trip of my life. The team at the travel agency was outstanding. Every detail of our trip was planned to perfection and when I suggested last minute changes they we’re flexible and adjusted the itinerary effortlessly. Our guide was very knowledgeable of the Balinese culture and historical facts. Our trip was not only fun, but educational. Our driver safely transported us to all of our destinations, which allowed my husband and I to just sit back and relax. And last but not least, our travel operator flawlessly coordinated every aspect of our trip. He ensured all of our hearts desire were granted. We had multiple calls, exchanged a ton of emails and WhatsApp messages to plan this trip. During our trip, he magically made things happen. It was extraordinary.

Indonesia, Singapore & Malaysia Vacation Review: Bali, Yogyakarta, Komodo, Kuala Lumpur, 18-Day Trip


Robert F.
May 24, 2023
Travel agency was great.  They dealt with us delaying the trip a couple times secondary to the persistent issue with Covid.  They were very flexible and quickly responsive at all times.  We had many changes and adjustments with our itinerary over the couple of years adjusting the trip. They took care of things without a problem.  Could not be more pleased with my dealings with them and would definitely use them again.

Bali / Indonesia Luxury Honeymoon Review: Ayung River White Water Rafting, Sunrise Hike on Mount Batur, Nusa Penida Island


Anam R.
Oct 02, 2022

My husband and I retained the services of this travel company to plan our Bali honeymoon in September 2022. When we were initially matched with two travel agents through Zicasso, it became clear in early stages that this travel company was clearly the better choice. From the first communication until our final departure, Dharsana did an expert job. He was extremely communicative and responsive to our needs and planned the perfect itinerary. He found the perfect balance between activities and downtime, always deferring to our preferences but also providing his own helpful professional recommendations.When we got to Bali, he personally met us at our first hotel and also set us up with our guide and driver. We considered them our "family" in Bali while we were on our trip! Our guide was a great guide - he was very knowledgable, and you can tell that he is genuinely proud of Bali culture and has such an earnest desire to share that with people. We felt so supported with all of our needs met throughout the trip, and it was great to have the same guide and driver throughout the trip so you can build those relationships. While on our trip, Dharsana and his team were exceptionally flexible and accommodating. My husband and I both got a little sick on day three, and Dharsana was quick to communicate and make changes to our itinerary to allow us time to recuperate. He even offered to send a doctor to our hotel and send over some fluids, which was so kind of him. We had to cancel our Nusa Penida trip on one of the days we were sick, and he was even able to rebook it at the end of our trip so that we did not miss the day trip! He also added other touches throughout the trip that made our honeymoon so memorable and special for us, and we will be forever grateful. 

To sum up, if you are reading this review and are unsure about whether to book the travel company, do not hesitate and just go with them! Their team is trustworthy and responsible, and your trip will be in excellent hands. You won't regret it.   

Indonesia Travel Review: Bali, Culture & Local Cuisine, 10-Day Trip


Giselle L.
May 18, 2023
They were AMAZING. They made our experience the best it could’ve been. They are super accommodating to anything we wanted and anything to make our experience better. They worked hours on hours to make sure we had the best trip. Truly the best team there is.

Indonesia Luxury Family Vacation Review: Bali, Ubud, Komodo, Nusa Penida Island, Cooking Class, Rafting, Snorkeling, 10-Day Trip


Steve L.
Apr 14, 2023
First class service! That's the summary of my trip put together by Dharsana and the travel agency. My family and I have traveled to many countries outside of the US and have used dozens of travel agencies. Adventure Archipelago's service and organization exceeded every other agency we have used in the past. We had a complicated trip with many moving parts because my family of five would not all be traveling together and would be arriving and departing at different times. The owner of the company, Dharsana, was very patient in our planning process and never rushed or pressured us into any of the plans. His attention to detail was very much appreciated and in the end, organized a fantastic trip to Bali.Every day of our trip, we had a luxury SUV or minivan at our disposal and on standby. Our driver and guide were friendly, attentive, informative, and patient with my family. At the end of a long day's journey, they would bring us back to our hotel, and wait around for us to freshen up or shower, and then take us to dinner or get a massage wherever we chose. They even did our laundry for us on the house! Out of all our previous trips, we have never experienced this before!Prior to our arrival, we had pre-planned the entirety of our 10 day trip. Since my wife would arrive a week later than the rest of the family,  we decided to alter a few day's worth of plans to accommodate her.  The company allowed us the flexibility to change our plans on the fly, even booking a last minute white water rafting trip on the Ayung River and a half-day snorkeling adventure to the Blue Lagoon. The ability to change our plans a few hours in advance was a great benefit. Also, little touches like Dharsana, who is the owner of the company, meeting us for every arrival and departure of a family member at the airport was not necessary but very special and meaningful. He even arranged for us to have concierge assistance with an airport liaison and arranged special entry into a waiting lounge in the airport prior to departure. Lending us a portable wifi box was also unexpected and very helpful.

Indonesia Luxury Trip Review: Bali, Culture & Nature, 20-Day Vacation


Peter R.
Apr 30, 2023
The trip was amazing! The company and service was incredibly attentive to a level I haven’t experienced previously. Always checking in and the guides were incredible. 
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