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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Camille in Brazil

Camille's Travel Agency


 Based on 15 reviews

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Verified Review

Brenda M.
Submitted on 3.2.2022

We loved working with a local, eco-friendly travel company for our week-long trip to Rio de Janiero and the Amazon.  Our travel designer was able to provide us with answers to all our questions, as well and provide top-notch drivers, guides and hotels. We were met at the airport by a driver and a guide who spoke great English, transferred to a great hotel (and room) overlooking Copacabana Beach -- and the travel designer had arranged for us to check in to our room at 7 am!  After an overnight flight, this was very much appreciated.We kept the same driver and guide later that day for a leisurely tour of the Botanical Garden and Park Luje. A lovely way to de-stress after a long, long day of travel. We were suppose to do a helicopter tour late this afternoon, but when the clouds rolled in to cover the views, our guide made alternate plans for the next morning.  Again we were promptly picked up by the same driver and guide, and taken directly to the heliport for a fantastic helicopter tour (arranged by our designer, of course). Then we were taken to a clinic for Covid tests (required to stay in the Amazon) on our way to the airport to catch our flight.The travel designer arranged all flights & transfers: Rio to Manaus, overnight stay, then Manaus to Tefe where we had a transfer by boat to our Amazon lodge. The small lodge she recommended was delightful.  At the end of our stay she arranged for boat transfer and airline flights with all the necessary transfers. We were delighted to have booked thru our travel designer because she made sure all our guides and transfers had English speakers, which were immensely helpful in hotel and airport check ins, etc.The travel company made our trip stress free and allowed us to see, experience, and learn so much about Brazil thanks to her knowledge and her staff's quality assistance. We would highly recommend the travel company and won't hesitate to use them again for our next trip to Brazil. 

Travel agent Alejandro in Argentina

Alejandro's Travel Agency


 Based on 147 reviews

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Verified Review

Kim B.
Submitted on 1.19.2023

Alejandro from our travel company helped us arrange a trip for my 78-year-old father and my 2 sons to Argentina, Antarctica and the Falkland Islands. It perfectly met their desires, calendars and budget. Lots of pre-travel forms and doctors' approvals were needed by the excursion cruise line. Alejandro helped guide us through making the cruise arrangements and getting the paperwork correctly submitted on time. He was extremely responsive to all our needs and did an outstanding job at everything we would expect of a high-quality travel agent.But that was just the beginning. Many great travel agents can help plan a wonderful trip, but the very special ones are able to help when things go wrong or opportunities present themselves, and quickly make adjustments. Things started going wrong after the first leg of the trip. The connection in Dallas was delayed overnight so my Dad and sons were not able to check in with the cruise line’s travel agent in Buenos Aires the day before the cruise ship left from the southern tip of South America. Instead of having a day to tour Buenos Aires and follow the lead of the cruise line's travel agent to get to their charter flight, their flight from Dallas didn't arrive in Buenos Aires until after 1 a.m. the next day; exactly when Argentina’s World Cup Championship team arrived to a million fans swarming the airport and all roads to it.Alejandro anticipated the problem and arranged to have our guide meet our flight to ensure that my family got through airport construction and to the terminal where their charter was to depart from. My family didn’t know which of 2 airlines their charter was with or when it was leaving. Alejandro had tracked down and coordinated with the person in charge of getting cruise passengers from the city and onto the charter flights, so our guide could get my family checked in ahead of the others. The travel agent responsible for the other passengers for the cruise was stuck in traffic with them and was hours late getting to the airport. By the time they arrived, we had been checked in and were ready to go. My father is a very experienced traveler, but readily admitted he could not have found out where they needed to be and gotten there or found the cruise line’s travel agent without the assistance Alejandro arranged.  Alejandro's anticipation of the problem enabled my family to avoid massive stress and possibly to miss the connection to their once in a lifetime expedition.Then, the night before the return flight from Tierra Del Fuego to Buenos Aires, my family found out that their charter flight would leave much earlier than expected. My Dad and sons would have an 8-hour layover at the Buenos Aires Airport. Alejandro was able to arrange for our guide to take them on a tour of the city during their layover and get them back to the airport on time. Thus, through Alejandro’s great effort, my family got to see Buenos Aires which they missed doing earlier in their trip because of their flight delay in Dallas.  The bottom line is that my Dad and sons avoided stressful disasters and had the trip of a lifetime together thanks to Alejandro’s skill and determination to make it happen. 

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Featured Reviews

Brazil Luxury Vacation Review: Amazon, Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, National Park of Anavilhanas, Cruise, Night Adventures, Sights


Charlie S.
Mar 17, 2023
Dear Zicasso.............................this is the third or fourth time we have used your service to find excellent travel advice and bookings. On this occassion, we were on a cruise up the east coast of Brazil and down the mighty Amazon and were connected to Camille. In particular, we wanted a one day whirl wind tour of Rio de Janeiro and a deep Amazon experience out of Manaus. Camille delivered on all fronts - we will never forget Brazil !! 

Argentina & Brazil Vacation Review: Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls, 8-Night Travel


Natasha K.
Oct 29, 2022
This was our first international trip since the pandemic began. But, Kieran thought of everything. From the airport transfers to the guides who helped us cross the borders to/from Brazil and Argentina without any stress. Our hotels were nice and clean (which is all I ask for), and I can't say enough about our local guides, both in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Iguazu Falls, Argentina. We consider them both our friends now! Kieran kept in touch throughout the trip to make sure we had all of our needs met. But, he had nothing to worry about - It was a flawless trip! Truly, truly a fantastic experience. Thank you so much, Kieran!!!

Luxury Argentina, Peru & Brazil Trip Review: 20-Day Vacation


Gina C.
Jan 08, 2023
Our travel agency exceeded our expectations with travel itineraries to Argentina and Brazil. David, CEO and Founder, was prompt with emails and phone calls and we always felt sure about our plans. Guides were professional, courteous and knowledgable. Drivers were professional, careful and cheerful. Tours were well planned and executed seamlessly.   

Peru, Brazil & Argentina Trip Review: Machu Picchu, Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Rio de Janeiro, Gaucho Experience, Amazon, Beaches


Jarrell T.
Dec 14, 2022
I was in contact with Jason at this travel company over 6 months ago regarding a trip to South America. He asked me questions, what countries, any specific things I wanted to experience, so I told him. Peru-Machu Picchu seeing the Amazon Forests. Argentina-Buenos Aires, go see the gaucho's and experience a barbecue and see Iguazu Falls. It's an unbelievable site to see, especially for an extra fee we went on a helicopter ride over them, what a view. The next day we saw the falls again but on the Brazilian side, a completely different view and we could go on the walking paths close enough you think you can touch it. The closer you get the water you can be soaked, nice on a hot day.We stayed at a boutique hotel. What was unplanned, was being able to see Argentina's football team play in the World Cup. Naturally I had to get a Messi jersey, with large screens in several parks and of course the bars; there were thousands watching. When they won, everyone was so excited; I got fist bumps and high 5's, I felt a part of it.Finally, it was off to Brazil and Rio, a beautiful city with the long beaches and outdoor vendors, everyone having fun. #1 on my bucket list seeing the statue of Jesus. We stayed at a hotel in Copacabana, a big wow factor, I'd rate it a 10!Bottom line Jason scored the winning goal; everything on my list and more. So happy I found them, memories for a lifetime. 

Brazil & Argentina Tour Review: Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires, Ilha Grande, Paraty, Private Tours, 2-Week Trip


Adele M.
Apr 18, 2023
We had a great holiday in Brazil with a stopover in Argentina too! The services provided by the company both before and during the trip were very good. As a traveller with experience in South America I wanted the flexibility to do our thing but also the comfort of having transfers, hotels, and tours to the main sights catered for. We chose the places we wanted to visit and the travel agency made it all happen. It was great having our own private guides in Rio, Iguazu falls and Buenos Aires. These guides were very well informed and we got on very well with them. It was great not having to wait for a crowd of other tourists but could do things as we pleased. The company also checked up on us when we had our luggage delayed by 24 hrs (also our guide was kind enough to take us to pick it up) and also when I was unwell with a stomach bug. We are glad Kirsty from the travel agency also insisted that we stay within the park at Iguazu. Despite this being expensive we had a wonderful time, were very comfortable in the hotel and it was great skipping the crowds since we were able to enter the park early in the morning. Being able to take photos without having other people in them was great! 

Argentina, Chile & Brazil Travel Review: Iguazu Falls, Salta, Ushuaia, Patagonia, Puerto Natales, Torres del Paine, Atacama Desert


Kristin B.
Apr 08, 2023
Our trip was outstanding.  Let me say, we tried doing this trip last year 2022 along with a cruise.  We both got Covid and had to quarantine in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Undaunted we came back this year for a land trip only!!  Our agent Kieran did an outstanding job.  He helped us last year navigate through our experience and this year our 19 day itinerary was wonderful.  We started out at Iguazu Falls, went to Salta, Argentina, then Ushuaia, and portions of Patagonia including Tierra del Fuego.  From there we went to Chile and Puerto Natales.  Torres del Paine is amazing along with the fjords.  San Pedro de Atacama was other worldly.  I can't say enough good things about this trip!!  You won't be disappointed.  Kieran checked in with us during the trip to make sure things were going well.  What an unforgettable experience.  We met wonderful people along the way, the food was wonderful and we had great wine!!We had great accommodations the whole trip.  Really a great experience.

Argentina & Brazil Travel Review: Iguazu Falls, Rio Negro, Mendoza, Bariloche, Tierra del Fuego, WIne Tasting, Private Tours


Timothy G.
Apr 08, 2023
We had a wonderful trip.  We were truly blessed from day one.  It is the rainy season so we expected rain.  We landed in a torrential downpour. Lightning, thunder, visibilty about three feet.  We read that  people are usually late in South America, so don't get worried if your driver isn't there to meet you.  We were expecting this and were suprised to find our driver's and guides all of them but one waiting for us.  The one who was late said he thought the pickup was 06:30, not 06:00.  We got to the hotel everything was done.  Walked in said who we were and they said the room is ready. Your guide will pick you up in the morning.The next morning the guide was waiting on us.  We had a great time fishing in the Solomon river.  We caught a lot of fish.  My wife said we caught at least 15 each.  We had lunch at a buffet on the river that was really good and they also had things to buy made by the people there.  I bought a blowgun that was really cool.  It rained all morning, I live in east texas, Houston area, when I say rain I am talking two inches per hour.  Around noon it quit and never rained again our entire trip.The next day we did a river cruise on the Rio Negro for a week Kieran booked for us. It was first class.  The ship was beautiful, it was all done like turn of the 1900's.  A lot of wood and really nice.  It was reall small only 9 couples.  It was a lot of fun. The food was great, it was local food and everyone eats in the salon large windows that open.  Our guide was a native from a tribe higher in the mountains.  We had told Kieran that my wife was a veterinarian and she would like to see animals and I didn't want to have a bunch of people in a group.  Exactly what we wanted.  Every day started with either a kayak, or small boat ride to look for birds and animals. The back for breakfast.  Then there was the jungle hike, back for lunch.  Afternoon boat ride, back for dinner. Evening boat ride to look for night animals.  It was a great time.  I highly reccommend it.Then it was off to Argentinia to the Iguazu Falls.  We were met by our guide.  She was the best.  I don't know how Kieran found her but she was incredible.  When she found out I wasn't vaccinated, she arranged for a doctor to meet me at the hotel at 6:30 at night to do a covid test.  When she found out it was our anniversary she booked us a room and got us a cab there and back. She was with us on both sides of the falls.  She knew all about the area. We took a boat ride up to the falls and even got driven into the falls.  I couldn't stop laughing.  Our hotel was back in the jungle. I mean literally in the jungle, our porch at the back of the room was touching distance to the jungle.  It wasn't like a big hotel.  It was very intimate.  It was like a really nice lobby.  Off the lobby was the restruant, the pool, and the pool bar.  We had to walk on a boardwalk to our room.  There were three rooms to a little pod in the jungle.  Very cozy and intimate.  Places like this are why we hired Kieran  I never would have known about this place. Every place we stayed was really nice.  There were no "hotels" or "motels" they were more like estates that had rooms for you.   

Argentina & Brazil Trip Review: Perito Moreno, Igauzú Falls, Dog Sledding, Snowmobiling, Cooking Class, Lakeside BBQ, Tango Show


Jul 03, 2022
This is the second time I have used Zicasso. Perfect is the only word that I can use to describe this company. Everything runs like "clockwork". We just returned from a trip to Argentina which included 3 domestic flights, hotel transfers, and travel arrangements to points of interest. We were satisfied so much so, that we are already planning next years trip. Kieran, our trip advisor worked out every detail of our desired itinerary before hand. If you want a stress free planning and travel experience, Zicasso is the only way to go!

Argentina, Brazil & Chile Trip Review: Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Patagonia, 10-Day Tour


Helen D.
Jan 08, 2023

Kieran from our travel company took on the task of helping us discover what felt like the whole of Argentina! The arranged trip from the most northerly to almost the most southerly parts of Argentina was amazing. The online detailed itinerary provided all details in one easy to access spot. All the hotels we stayed at were fabulous and to make things easier the arranged transfers were on time, reliable, efficient and allowed for seamless connections. Dealing with Kieran was a pleasure, and we were most appreciative that every one of our queries was answered promptly and in detail. We highly recommend dealing with this agency.

Argentina, Brazil & Chile Vacation Review: 21-Day Trip


Ian R.
Feb 20, 2023
Incredible trip
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