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Medieval luxury and a storied history are captivating and enriching jewels of Poland. Ancient forest straddles the northern border, underground cities are carved out of rock salt, all while traditional villages glisten against fabled rolling hills. History, both old and modern, blends into a colorful world that has polished Poland, turning its wonders into treasured gems.

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View of The Old Town Hall in Munich, Germany
A Glimpse into the History of World War II: East Germany & Poland Tour

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $4,291

The effects of World War II shaped Europe and left behind incredibly important stories for you to experience during your bespoke tour to Germany and Poland. Early-modern and mid-modern history comes to life in the grand cupolas and soaring church spires of antique neighborhoods. The sweeping vista from the Eagle’s Nest contrasts with the structure’s nefarious purpose and the galleries inside the former concentration camps are compelling as they tell the stories of those who passed through the gates. From restored synagogues in Krakow to murals along the Berlin Wall, you will be immersed in the indelible tales of the Second World War.  You can also extend your trip with other tours of Germany, so consider browsing some of our other itineraries as you plan your trip.

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Cultural Center of Berlin, Germany
Central Europe Tour: Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest & More

17 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $5,639

There is only space for the exceptional on this 17-day journey through the highlights of Central Europe. There is majesty in the medieval stone bridges that link Prague’s shores, while the splendor of the Danube River rushes from Vienna to Budapest. Experience the regal beauty of Potsdam and the diverse history of Berlin. From cities carved in salt mines to lavish opera houses, unique ossuaries to cities rebuilt in their own likeness, you will come to the wonder of Central Europe, highlighted and unforgettable.

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Dresden Old Town over Elbe river, Germany
Legacies of Central Europe Ten-Day Tour

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,355

A rich heritage with vibrant contemporary culture is found across Central Europe. Some stories are vivid and easily discovered as you explore cities and palaces from forgotten times. Others are hidden, but will be uncovered alongside your private guide and through immersive experiences. On this 10-day trip across Europe, you will find centuries of enthralling history as you explore three countries and five cities. Warsaw is wonderfully cultural, Krakow is pure charm, Prague brings artistic indulgence, Dresden brings a complicated legacy, and Berlin brings a new beginning as every city looks to the future while appreciating their pasts.

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Jewish cemetery in Lodz, Poland.
Poland World War II History Tour

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,570

Heroes that will never be forgotten and stories that changed the world, Poland was at the heart of World War II. This in-depth tour travels from the 1939 battlefields of Westerplatte to the uplifting stories of Schindler’s Factory and the Warsaw Ghetto, with Hitler’s hideout, Auschwitz, Treblinka and various other tales in between. Spread across Gdansk, Warsaw, and Krakow, it’s an uplifting 11-day story of a country reincarnated upon the sacrifice of its heroes. For more custom trip ideas, visit the Poland tours section on Zicasso.

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