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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel Agent Lucas in Argentina

Lucas' Travel Agency


 Based on 16 reviews

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Verified Review

Sheila A.
Submitted on 1.1.2023

Lucas and his team at this travel company planned an excellent trip for us. They handled the details that ensured that everything went smoothly and that we saw all the sights we wanted. As local agents, they knew which tour company at each location provided the best experience. They customized our itinerary to ensure that we caught our flights. They rebooked a tour for us that was cancelled because of weather, without us having to do anything. They even suggested restaurants.There are many, many decisions you need to make if you plan your own trip. Or, you can make the one decision to work with Lucas and this travel agency and everything else is taken care of.

Travel agent Christian in Chile

Christian's Travel Agency


 Based on 62 reviews

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Verified Review

Stephanie L.
Submitted on 3.20.2023

We found Zicasso online and they referred us to this travel company. Oxana from the agency got to know us and what we were looking for during several conversations. She then put together a custom trip for us. She really listened and understood our needs. Every single detail was thought of and taken care of. The hotels in Punta Arenas and Castro were perfect ! The experience at the hotel in Torres del Paine was extraordinary. I can’t begin to describe the unforgettable Torres del Paine national park. Patricia in the operations department kept in touch throughout the trip and made sure everything went smoothly. To the extent of messaging me at 11 PM on a Sunday night to make sure we boarded the ferry ok! The travel agency went above and beyond to ensure that our trip went smoothly.On our request we included 4 nights and 3 days on the Navimag ferry from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt which was delayed 2 days due to bad weather but was absolutely worth the wait!

Travel agent Joy in Ecuador

Joy's Travel Agency


 Based on 7 reviews

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Galapagos / Ecuador
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Verified Review

Sheena P.
Submitted on 11.2.2022

First and foremost, Joy at the travel company was amazingly professional, knowledgable, thorough, and prompt.  Her communication was outstanding, and she supported our trip every step of the way: from implementation and while in-country. Unfortunately, my family and I experienced health-related issues while on our trip, which resulted in mandatory quarantine.  Joy was with us every step of the way, coordinating with both our hotel owner to ensure that we had an ongoing safe place to stay, and with local health care providers to ensure that our needs were met and departure requirements satisfied.  She had daily contact with us for the length of our stay, at times checking in multiple times per day.  During one of the more stressful experiences that we've experienced as a family, she was a constant source of support and reassurance.  Her support even continued after we arrived stateside, to assist in document compilation for our travel insurance claim. We will not hesitate to recommend or use the company for future travels.  Joy genuinely cares about her clients, and will go above and beyond to exceed expectations on the one hand, and provide ongoing support and care on the other.We will always be grateful to her.  Oh, and the trip WOULD HAVE BEEN PHENOMENAL!  Her selections in terms of accommodations were beyond top notch. 

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Travel agent Sebastian in Argentina

Sebastian's Travel Agency


 Based on 34 reviews

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Verified Review

Robert R.
Submitted on 3.12.2022

Sebastian and Nicholas were absolutely great. They met with us many times before the trip began to make sure we were able to do and see everything we wanted. Then they arranged for spectacular hotels , private friendly, knowledgeable guides and made informed suggestions. They arranged all air and ground travel accommodating our physical limitations. Once in county they contacted us several times a day to see if they could assist in making our trip the best it could be. The guides they selected were very knowledgeable and answered all our questions including historical, geological and landscape issues. All of the guides knew how to get us to the spots everyone wants to visit , like the falls , the glaciers , the art and tango venues but at times and locations out of the main stream tourists. For example. The guide they selected to show us the falls was a former park ranger. He knew the times all the “group tours” would go on the standard trails so we went on them in reverse seeing the exact sites but without the crowds. The hunting lodge they chose in Córdoba was 5star ! Great food , very comfortable rooms , great wine and unbelievable hunting. My wife doesn’t hunt so they arranged a private gaucho tour  for her along with a visit to a local art display and 5 star restaurant. The lady selected to guide us around Buenos Aires showed us the whole city and the delta area explaining the historical , political , and cultural issues. I could go on and on. Suffice it to say we had an enjoyable vacation 

Travel agent Alejandro in Argentina

Alejandro's Travel Agency


 Based on 147 reviews

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Verified Review

Kim B.
Submitted on 1.19.2023

Alejandro from our travel company helped us arrange a trip for my 78-year-old father and my 2 sons to Argentina, Antarctica and the Falkland Islands. It perfectly met their desires, calendars and budget. Lots of pre-travel forms and doctors' approvals were needed by the excursion cruise line. Alejandro helped guide us through making the cruise arrangements and getting the paperwork correctly submitted on time. He was extremely responsive to all our needs and did an outstanding job at everything we would expect of a high-quality travel agent.But that was just the beginning. Many great travel agents can help plan a wonderful trip, but the very special ones are able to help when things go wrong or opportunities present themselves, and quickly make adjustments. Things started going wrong after the first leg of the trip. The connection in Dallas was delayed overnight so my Dad and sons were not able to check in with the cruise line’s travel agent in Buenos Aires the day before the cruise ship left from the southern tip of South America. Instead of having a day to tour Buenos Aires and follow the lead of the cruise line's travel agent to get to their charter flight, their flight from Dallas didn't arrive in Buenos Aires until after 1 a.m. the next day; exactly when Argentina’s World Cup Championship team arrived to a million fans swarming the airport and all roads to it.Alejandro anticipated the problem and arranged to have our guide meet our flight to ensure that my family got through airport construction and to the terminal where their charter was to depart from. My family didn’t know which of 2 airlines their charter was with or when it was leaving. Alejandro had tracked down and coordinated with the person in charge of getting cruise passengers from the city and onto the charter flights, so our guide could get my family checked in ahead of the others. The travel agent responsible for the other passengers for the cruise was stuck in traffic with them and was hours late getting to the airport. By the time they arrived, we had been checked in and were ready to go. My father is a very experienced traveler, but readily admitted he could not have found out where they needed to be and gotten there or found the cruise line’s travel agent without the assistance Alejandro arranged.  Alejandro's anticipation of the problem enabled my family to avoid massive stress and possibly to miss the connection to their once in a lifetime expedition.Then, the night before the return flight from Tierra Del Fuego to Buenos Aires, my family found out that their charter flight would leave much earlier than expected. My Dad and sons would have an 8-hour layover at the Buenos Aires Airport. Alejandro was able to arrange for our guide to take them on a tour of the city during their layover and get them back to the airport on time. Thus, through Alejandro’s great effort, my family got to see Buenos Aires which they missed doing earlier in their trip because of their flight delay in Dallas.  The bottom line is that my Dad and sons avoided stressful disasters and had the trip of a lifetime together thanks to Alejandro’s skill and determination to make it happen. 

Travel agent Kieran in Argentina

Kieran's Travel Agency


 Based on 96 reviews

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Verified Review

Kristin B.
Submitted on 4.8.2023

Our trip was outstanding.  Let me say, we tried doing this trip last year 2022 along with a cruise.  We both got Covid and had to quarantine in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Undaunted we came back this year for a land trip only!!  Our agent Kieran did an outstanding job.  He helped us last year navigate through our experience and this year our 19 day itinerary was wonderful.  We started out at Iguazu Falls, went to Salta, Argentina, then Ushuaia, and portions of Patagonia including Tierra del Fuego.  From there we went to Chile and Puerto Natales.  Torres del Paine is amazing along with the fjords.  San Pedro de Atacama was other worldly.  I can't say enough good things about this trip!!  You won't be disappointed.  Kieran checked in with us during the trip to make sure things were going well.  What an unforgettable experience.  We met wonderful people along the way, the food was wonderful and we had great wine!!We had great accommodations the whole trip.  Really a great experience.

Travel agent Paulo in Argentina

Paulo's Travel Agency


 Based on 56 reviews

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Verified Review

Tommy H.
Submitted on 5.12.2023

We could not have had a better honeymoon. From the day we arrived in Buenos Aires, to the trips to Mendoza and Bariloche, everything went so smoothly. Hugh planned out an incredible itinerary for us that was exactly what we were looking for. We had days where we had activities and were able to learn more about the culture and cuisine in Argentina, but we also had days where we could rest and relax. It was truly one of the most memorable trips we will ever take.Hugh and his team were also incredibly responsive whenever we had a question about any activity we were doing. I can't recommend him enough!

Travel agent Rafa in Argentina

Rafa's Travel Agency


 Based on 35 reviews

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Verified Review

Jessica C.
Submitted on 4.3.2023

The representatives were very helpful and responsive. We really had no idea how to set up the trip to southern Argentina and their help was very valuable. There were a few very small issues we encountered a long the way but the people were very helpful in resolving them which was great. 

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Featured Reviews

Chile & Argentina Travel Review: Atacama Desert, Patagonia, Private Tours, Salt Flat Lagoons, Tatio Geysers, 16-Night Trip


Doris M.
Mar 26, 2023

Our travels through Chile and Argentina organized by our travel agency was amazing. We visited the Atacama Desert in the northern part of Chile. Then went on to Patagonia where we spent time doing some hiking and viewing the glaciers. It was a private tour and our accommodations were perfect for us. In smaller towns where we could wander around and observe the local life. Liked being able to stay multiple days in several places so we didn’t have to move everyday. Our guides were all very informative and accommodating.Ignacio and were always very prompt with their responses whenever we had a question before and during the trip. All our pick ups and transfers were always on time. Totally satisfied with this travel company and definitely recommend them. 

Argentina, Chile & Brazil Travel Review: Iguazu Falls, Salta, Ushuaia, Patagonia, Puerto Natales, Torres del Paine, Atacama Desert


Kristin B.
Apr 08, 2023
Our trip was outstanding.  Let me say, we tried doing this trip last year 2022 along with a cruise.  We both got Covid and had to quarantine in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Undaunted we came back this year for a land trip only!!  Our agent Kieran did an outstanding job.  He helped us last year navigate through our experience and this year our 19 day itinerary was wonderful.  We started out at Iguazu Falls, went to Salta, Argentina, then Ushuaia, and portions of Patagonia including Tierra del Fuego.  From there we went to Chile and Puerto Natales.  Torres del Paine is amazing along with the fjords.  San Pedro de Atacama was other worldly.  I can't say enough good things about this trip!!  You won't be disappointed.  Kieran checked in with us during the trip to make sure things were going well.  What an unforgettable experience.  We met wonderful people along the way, the food was wonderful and we had great wine!!We had great accommodations the whole trip.  Really a great experience.

Argentina & Chile Vacation Review: Buenos Aires, Santiago, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, El Chalten, Torres del Paine, 2-Week Travel


John A.
Apr 04, 2023
We began working with Hugh in 2019 with the intention of traveling to Patagonia in March 2020.  We had to cancel our trip at the last minute due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We continued to stay in touch during the pandemic and finally were able to make our trip in March 2023.  Hugh did a terrific job in customizing an itinerary for our desires.  Every hotel/accommodation was flawless and every activity met our expectations.  Hugh came to our hotel upon our arrival in Buenos Aires to meet us and his team stayed in touch with us throughout the trip with WhatsApp. They would respond to any questions/concerns within minutes.  We felt very comfortable and traveled with confidence.  Our guides were friendly and knowledgeable.  We couldn't have been happier with our experience. I would definitely recommend this travel agency to my friends if they were interested in a trip to Argentina/Chile. 

Argentina & Chile Trip Review: Iguazu Falls, El Calafate, El Chalten, Ushuaia, Santiago, Torres del Paine, Laguna de los Tres Hike


Thida M.
Apr 13, 2023
We have recently finished a 19 day trip to Patagonia (Chile & Argentina) and Iguazu falls. Ezequiel helped us customize our trip. Pia, our destination host was extremely wonderful, responsive and available at anytime. Most of the local tour operators were good except transportation from Ushuaia airport to the hotel in a dirty old taxi. We have a mixed reviews of the hotels especially the hotel in Torres del Paine, all inclusive program which was not worth it. Food, excursions, attitudes of the staffs and some guides, customer service were below our expectation.  We like the Santiago hotel, the hotel in El Calafate and the hotel in El Chalten.We enjoyed the Trek to see Perito Moreno Glacier (amazing!), the Trekking & Canoeing, Off-roading in Ushuaia, the great adventure with the boat ride under the waterfalls. All of the tour guides were outstanding!Thank you to our travel team for the amazing trip! 

Argentina, Chile & Uruguay Tour Review: Valparaiso, Wine Tasting, 23-Day Vacation


Margaret M.
Apr 18, 2023
Our trip to Argentina, Uruguay and Chile was well organized and planned. Each step of our journey was laid out in advance. The travel agents were always prompt in their follow up and response to our questions.

Argentina & Chile Vacation Review: Buenos Aires, El Calafate, Iguazu Falls, Santiago, Perito Moreno Glacier, Fitz Roy, Wine Tour


Dana S.
Feb 07, 2023
Dear future Travelers, Zicasso matched me with this travel agency, a local company in Buenos Aires, and if I could give 6 stars, I would!We chose a tour visiting Buenos Aires, El Calafate, Iguazu Falls, and Santiago, Chile (we went in January which is summertime in Argentina- highly recommended). Working with Mariano to get our itinerary booked was a breeze, and everything was laid out professionally and clearly upon booking. He was personable and tailored the perfect trip for us! When we arrived to Buenos Aires, we had the pleasure of working with our guide who was our go to man for whatever we needed during our trip. He was responsive, ensuring we had our internal flight boarding passes on time, professional, and his intention was making sure we were having fun and staying safe! He provided some helpful tips as we traveled through Argentina and also helped us plan a few more excursions along the way.We traveled to the Perito Moreno Glacier, trekked in Patagonia to Fitz Roy, saw Iguazu falls from Argentina and Brazilian sides, went on a classy wine tour in Santiago Chile, and had city tours in Buenos Aries and Santiago. This itinerary was adventurous, colorful, jaw dropping and classy all in one! The travel company executed so well, and partners with such incredible local tour groups (the guides on all of our adventures were outstanding) and we really did not have one glitch! I will also say, from a price point, it was really reasonable for the amount of personal attention you receive from start to end. If you are looking to take a trip to South America, this is your company! It was honestly the trip of a lifetime!

Luxury Argentina & Chile Vacation Review: El Chalten, El Calafate, Mount Fitz Roy, Torres del Paine, Cruise, Glacier Hiking


Jillian K.
Jan 03, 2023

We had an amazing trip to Patagonia! Kieran / this travel company were very nice and easy to work with. He was very responsive and once we made it to Argentina/Chile all the details were in order. 

Chile & Argentina Luxury Vacation Review: Santiago, Valparaiso, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Patagonia, Puerto Natales, Pia Glacier


Susan Z.
Mar 29, 2023
Returned a few days ago but wanted to tell you we had a great time. everything was handled. we were met on time at every juncture. Unfortunately trip was exhausting. I did not realize the long distances we had to travel with almost no time just to stroll around neighborhoods. I know we asked to see a lot of things but would have appreciated more guidance, for example, I didn't realize how far Valparaiso was from Santiago or that the wineries were far from each other. In Mendoza, they were all in the same region. Maybe you could have suggested we needed a couple of more days or that we couldn't do central coastal Chile and Patagonia in same trip. If you had come to New York City, we would have told you shouldn't see a Broadway play and then try to go to Niagara Falls all in two or three days.Otherwise as we said, all guides and drivers came on time, tickets for buses and airlines were well handled and hotels were good although had very little time to enjoy. 

Luxury Antarctica, Argentina & Chile Trip Review: Patagonia, Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Cruise, Hiking


Laura B.
Jan 04, 2023
Alejandro is a real pro and a delight to work with. He really listened when we explained our travel style and interests. He put together a 27-day itinerary that spanned Antarctica, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil and picked wonderful properties. We had very few bumps on a rather complicated trip and when we did encounter a couple of issues, Alejandro was very responsive and quick to find solutions. We will definitely use this travel company again and will recommend it to others. 

Luxury Argentina & Chile Travel Review: Bariloche, Villa La Angostura, Boat Rides, 10-Day Tour


Rafael A.
Mar 04, 2023

This is our 7th or 8th trip with a Zicasso travel specialist. This time with this travel agency, visiting the lake region from Chile crossing the Andes into Argentina. What an experience! Beautiful!!!! The trip was flawless from beginning to end. The choice of hotels throughout exceeded our expectations in quality, service, experiences and excellent accommodations. Our guides were excellent professionals and accommodated the experiences to our interest and physical level. The transfers were always puntual and we had no setbacks whatsoever.Lastly we were always in contact with the team utilizing WhataApp as we progressed in our travels. We highly recommend this travel company. 

Already planning our next two trips using Zicasso. Anonymous  

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