Baby gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda

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Nestled deep in the forests of East Africa are some of Africa’s most endangered and majestic wildlife creatures: the great mountain gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda. Come face to face with a proud silverback gorilla as he watches over the playful and curious youngsters. Perfect for those who love hiking and active adventures, embark on a transformative and intimate wildlife encounter of a lifetime.

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Mountain gorilla in Uganda
Tanzania Safari & Gorilla Trekking Adventure

13 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $8,874

East Africa is filled with legends, luxury, and majesty during your 13-day Tanzania and Rwanda adventure. You will scour the Serengeti grasslands for lions and find the Big Five in the Ngorongoro Crater on Africa safaris. You will wander through dense volcanic forests in search of mountain gorillas hidden in the mist. Your Africa adventure takes you inside five celebrated national parks revealing the marvels of Tanzania and Rwanda.

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Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Uganda
Luxury Uganda Gorilla Trekking & Horseback Safari

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $14,152

Travel is as much about the journey as it is the destination, and that is the mantra for this charming 11-day Ugandan safari. Spend seven days on horseback to ride through the rich landscapes of the River Nile and Lake Victoria, and then canter through the rural charms of the country. Explore next on two feet as you trek through the wild rainforest to find mountain gorilla troops. Every moment will be blissful and yet there is a thrill to each step you take in Uganda as it is a country untouched by time.

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Tourist observing mountain gorilla in the African jungle
Gorilla Trekking Itinerary for Wildlife Photographers

9 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $12,865

Wild mountain gorillas, black eyes fluttering seductively, redolent faces poking from trees. There's a whole troop and an entire storyline of images, a memoir to nature and evolution. The photos don't seem real and the experience becomes surreal. Yet gorillas are Africa's most challenging wildlife subject. Evoking their beauty on film requires skill, practice, and tutoring. This safari experience does just that, taking you on three gorilla treks with expert photographic tuition and guidance.

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Wild hippos in the Nile River, Uganda
Best of Uganda Gorilla Trekking & Wildlife Safari

13 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $16,388

Welcome to Uganda, a land where gorilla troops play in the mist and lions climb trees; where wild hippos frolic in the River Nile and large chimpanzee troops give you a curious stare; where rare and exclusive encounters fill almost every day of the vacation. With two days of gorilla trekking as the centerpiece, this 13-day safari visits five unique Ugandan national parks, revealing the mystical beauty of a country that is full of wildlife surprise and intimate encounters.

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Chimpanzee in Kibale National Park, Uganda
Exclusive Uganda Chimpanzee & Gorilla Trekking

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $10,499

Gorillas stand resplendent in the thick and mystical forests of Bwindi. Chimpanzees jump through the tropical colors of Kibale as hippos and elephants surround the remote waters of the Kazinga Channel. Western Uganda will take you into a strange world to provide some of the world's most inspiring natural encounters. With two gorilla trekking experiences included, this luxury 8-day safari connects Kibale, Queen Elizabeth, and Bwindi National Parks and the wildlife highlights of Uganda.

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Mountain gorilla. Volcanoes National Park, Kinigi, Rwanda
Best of Rwanda Tour: Gorilla Trekking, Chimpanzees, Culture & More

9 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $7,078

Rwanda enchants. From the mountain gorillas that occupy its forests to the inspiring communities that welcome you with smiles, this small country is one of Africa's great surprises and greatest success stories as you will be embraced by a journey that combines cultural connections with surreal primate encounters. Over your 9-day itinerary, you will see the best of Rwanda with two gorilla treks and the chance to see many endangered species.

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Lake Mutanda in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
13-Day East Africa Safari: Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda

13 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $10,980

From Kenya to Tanzania and finally Uganda, this 13-day tailored wilderness tour will reveal the majesty of Masai Mara and the Serengeti’s sprawling savannas, the beauty of the overgrown Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and the viridian canopy of the Kibale Forest National Park. You will be blown away by the breathtaking encounters with the incredible collection of wildlife that call these flourishing environments home.

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African elephants in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, Africa
Classic Uganda Safari Adventure

9 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $9,238

The “Pearl of Africa” glistens with natural wonder. Gorillas enchant, lions climb trees, and elephants use trunks as snorkels. This 9-day signature safari connects Uganda’s unique highlights from gorilla trekking to discovering untamed nature. Journey into redolent forests, where mist swirls and chimpanzees are among the residents. Game drive across iconic East Africa savannah, where giant mammals make haunting calls. Fly across a mystical landscape by light aircraft, and then settle into exquisite lodges deep in the wilderness.

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Lion in Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda, Africa
Hidden Uganda: Safari to East Africa’s Untouched Destinations

14 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $9,095

Chimpanzees walking on two legs, wild dogs hunting down waterbucks, lions basking on the desert savannah; Uganda may be famous for gorillas, but its mystical array of national parks celebrate the unique and exotic of an African safari. This 2-week adventure connects the country’s hidden destinations, from Kidepo Valley in the northeast to the Semuliki rainforest and a deserted island in Lake Victoria, without forgetting an evocative gorilla trek in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

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Leopard resting after hunting, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

On your 14-day best of East Africa safari, you will experience the legends of wild mountain gorillas, migrating wildebeest, evocative grasslands, and utopian volcanic terrain. Local myths shared for generations will become real as you scour the jungle for silverbacks or witness a leopard hunting unsuspecting zebra. Your luxury tour will immerse you in celebrated national parks and highlight the natural splendor in Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

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Mountain gorillas eating plants, Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park
The Complete Uganda Safari: Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Rhino Tracking & More

21 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $27,295

Mountain gorillas thump their chests, tree-climbing lions survey the savannah, while wild rhinos and chimpanzees are tracked on foot. Uganda is filled with the most exquisite of wildlife experiences, a range of national parks offering a seductive mix of endangered species and unique activities. This 3-week safari explores the best of this mystical country, culminating in two gorilla treks and a few days of peaceful serenity on Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Victoria.

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Luxury lodge in Uganda
VIP Uganda Safari Tour: The Finest Lodges & Travel by Private Planes

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $14,295

Cruise across Uganda in a private jet to connect exquisite world wonders with some of Africa’s finest lodges. Touch down, and the country will dazzle with exceptional wildlife encounters including gorilla trekking, chimpanzee experiences, sunset cruises past hippos, and game drives on the baked savanna. This itinerary is a VIP tour and will take you on an exclusive journey into Africa’s remote and mystical regions where wildlife will provide the soundtrack to your 11-day adventure.

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15-Day Africa Encounter: Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe

15 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $9,745

Explore Africa’s highlights on this 15-day safari leading from the borders of Entebbe to the lush wilds of Zambezi National Park. Along the way, embrace the beauty of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest as you walk amongst gorillas and soak up the swoon-worthy scenes of Masai Mara as you cruise across sweeping bushveld. From the diverse environments you find yourselves in to the iconic wildlife wandering Africa, every moment is worth capturing.

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Rwanda Safari for Seniors: Gorilla Trekking, Luxury Lodges, Tailored Activities

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $12,579

Rwanda excels in intimate wildlife encounters; the rhythmic pounding of a silverback beating his chest, playful chimpanzees digging with sticks, a dozen monkey species swinging past your lodge, wild mountain gorillas returning your gaze. This handcrafted safari makes these natural wonders accessible to senior travelers, combining the country’s highlights with its best lodges and finest guides. Enchanting and exclusive, it’s a week-long journey into the heart of Africa.

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Exhilarating East Africa Tour: White Water Rafting, Gorilla & Chimpanzee Trekking

9 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $11,929

Legends create electrifying experiences in remote Uganda. White rapids surging on the River Nile, silverback gorillas drumming their chests, endangered chimpanzees clambering above your head. Moments of pure adrenaline are matched by soul-soothing encounters, like infant gorilla twins or a golden monkey troop's peculiar gaze. Featuring two gorilla treks and stunning micro flights, this 9-day Uganda safari contrasts untrammeled thrills with the country's ambiance of charm.

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Nature’s Secret: Highlights of Rwanda Safari

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $18,585

Charming Rwanda has a captivation that knows no boundaries. Gorillas play amongst the mist of volcanic mountains, lions and hippos roam in the savannah, and verdant rainforests capture the exotic allure of another world. This country combines the evocative landscapes of both East Africa and Central Africa, creating an enchantment that stretches from chimpanzees to elephants, 700-strong monkey troops to flocks of rare birds. And all these natural highlights are wonderfully off the beaten track, and yours to explore on this 11-day adventure.

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Great Apes & Great Wildebeest Migration Safari: January to June

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $9,875

East Africa's two greatest spectacles of the Serengeti and Uganda create personal experiences; a silverback gorilla intently returning your gaze, lions hunting beside the vehicle, and mystical calls heard from your camp. They're both famous for their size, either the two million mammals or the muscled brilliance of the great apes. Yet they're also remembered for the exquisite details. Combining the Serengeti and Uganda, this 8-day safari unravels all the thrilling intimacy of gorilla trekking and the great wildebeest migration.

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Rwanda Gorillas & Masai Mara Great Migration Itinerary

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $10,603

Combine two of East Africa’s most iconic experiences during your one week tour of Kenya and Rwanda. Follow wildebeest during the Great Migration as they travel through the Maasai Mara accentuated by the surrounding theater of wildlife. Trek through volcanic forests to discover the beauty of active gorilla troops. Your immersive luxury safari will be tailored to your goals to uncover the marvels of East Africa’s untouched wilderness.

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A Couple’s Private Getaway to Rwanda: Luxury Lodges, Gorilla Trekking & More

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $15,725

Rwanda’s natural rhythm evokes a romantic poetry. Volcanic hills seduce the eyes, gorillas enchant like rhyming couplets, and mystical forests capture the soul. In the heart of Africa, this Land of 1000 Hills is written just for two, providing seclusion and serenity while offering experiences that jump off the page. It’s where you can enjoy some of the world’s most famous and unique travel experiences, and yet still easily escape the beaten track. Welcome to 11 days of amorous bliss.

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Exclusive History of Rwanda Tour

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $15,725

Rwanda’s history dances with charm and intrigue, unraveling tales from the heart of Africa. Locals guide you through haunting genocide memorials but Rwanda’s history doesn’t just start in 1994. Wind back in time to the Nyanza kings and the indigenous Batwa pygmies, discover all the tales from the pre-colonial era and immerse yourself in rural communities. Including a gorilla trek, this exclusive 11-day tour takes you on an intimate journey through a fascinating nation.

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East Africa Gorilla Trekking Safari to Uganda & Rwanda

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $11,955

Exquisite and evocative, East Africa's mountain gorilla troops always dance to their own beat. Each is different, and showcase contrasts in size, social structure, behavior, and emotion. On this luxury gorilla trekking safari, you will visit three distinctive troops in Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park. With luxurious accommodation perched high above the canopy, this is an immersive 7-night itinerary full of gorilla subtleties and complexities.

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Remarkable & Rare Primates of Rwanda Including Gorilla Trekking

9 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $14,503

Rwanda's forests are full of the rare and the remarkable. Silverback gorillas beat their chests, golden monkeys shine with blue faces, chimpanzees hold out their human-like hands and mangabeys, and colobus monkeys are on display from the Congo Basin. This exclusive 9-day primate safari will take you off of the main forest trails and into a realm that is mostly unseen and undocumented. It is a journey of discovery that blends surprise and adventure as you intimately encounter over a quarter of Africa's primate species.

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Giants of Africa: Gorilla Trekking Plus Tanzania & Kenya Safaris

13 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $16,726

Deep within East Africa's landscapes, the giants thrive. Mountain gorillas beat their chests in Rwanda's forests, elephants march between the baobabs of Tarangire, and wildebeest form huge herds in the Serengeti. Hippos, black rhinos, giraffe and lions and on an East Africa adventure these incredible mammals become the landscape. Combining two gorilla treks with three Tanzanian parks and Kenya's Masai Mara, this 13-day safari focuses on encounters with these enormous animals.

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Untouched East Africa: 11-Day Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $7,145

East Africa’s wilderness is largely untouched, and sweeping savannas dominate massive slices of the region’s pristine wilderness. You will explore and admire these landscapes for 11 days, discovering the best that East Africa has to offer. From Tanzania’s thrilling safari scenes to Kenya’s enchanting wildlife encounters as well as Uganda’s historic culture and extraordinary experiences, such as gorilla tracking, embrace the wilderness wonders of these picturesque African paradises.

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