Love It: Facebook Reactions Button

Reactions-Graphics-1200x675Facebook no longer just has a Like button. Today, the platform has launched globally the Emoji Reactions. We have been asking for a Dislike button for years, although the network has resisted making this tool that allows us to criticize others, Facebook is addressing the spirit of this request more broadly.

The platform was working on this feature to facilitate the expression of sympathy and negative feelings for months. The feature was only available in Ireland, Spain, Chile, the Philippines, Portugal, Colombia and Japan. Because the results from those countries have been positive, we are now granted the ability to see a lot more emotions in our news feeds.

As seen in traditional emoticons, Facebook uses the default color of yellow for the Reactions faces. Despite the public outcry, Facebook doesn’t want diverse Reactions yet, to keep things simple for all users.

For now, only users with the latest version of the Facebook app can see the feature. Facebook also announced that it will take a few days for the feature to roll out to all users globally across iOS and Android, desktop and the mobile web.

Facebook will continue to gather feedback on the feature and could tweak it down the line. While the company doesn’t have plans right now to expand Reactions to other Facebook-owned apps like Instagram and WhatsApp, the feature could carry over to other apps in the future.


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