House of DVF: 6 Reasons Why The Wait Is Killing You! 

Premiering this Sunday House of DVF is the new E! docu-series starring the fashion icon Diane Von Fürstenberg. The iconic designer hunts for her fashion empire new global brand ambassador. House of DVF will feature contestants competing for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to work closely with the legendary designer and travel the world as a “DVF girl”. Here are the reasons you can’t wait to watch it!

1. Diane Von Fürstenberg is an Iconic Fashion Designer.

She has created a fashion empire, officiates as the president of the CFDA and became the first designer to send models down the catwalk wearing Google Glasses. This eminent designer is best known for creating the conic wrap dress even if she initially rose to prominence when she married Prince Egon of Fürstenberg. This year the designer celebrated the 40 years of the wrap dress, releases her memoir The Woman I Wanted to Be and was awarded the Fashion Group International’s Superstar Award.

2. The show is not fabricated. 

While “reality TV” has shifted  toward the “unscripted”, House of DVF is bringing the term reality back. And getting real insights into a fashion empire like DVF is fascinating. Diane Von Fürstenberg said in an interview:

“We wanted to train girls to be brand ambassadors, and I originally thought doing reality TV was tacky—I didn’t love that type of television—but when I could be a producer and have control and make sure everything was absolutely real, it was interesting to me.

3. You want to discover how a fashion empire is run.

Many designers are able to create beautiful products, however you are aware that the fashion world is fraught with tricky choices on incorporation, competitive analysis, sales and brand protection. You wonder what it takes to succeed in this cutthroat fashion industry. Now we can find out by tuning in to watch House of DVF.

4. You need to know if Diane Von Fürstenberg is as caring and candid as she seems.

The Iconic fashion designer has a lot of wisdom and experience. During her public appearances she often offers up life lessons. You still sometimes wonder whether or not behind DVF closed doors the Icon is as ruthless and cynical as Miranda Priestly.  The show will tell you if the fashion maven stands behind her insta-affection brand.

5. You were frustrated with Whitney Port brief passage at DVF in The City.

Fans of The City were excited to follow the adventure of Whitney Port as a PR working for DVF. She had the job a million girls would die for and you were probably dreaming by proxy when watching her thrives. However, the dream abruptly ended. Now, with legit, natural and ambitious young woman competing for a Brand Ambassador position it seems even better.

6. You won’t feel ashamed of watching a Reality TV show.

The content of House of DVF seems to be an engaging and refreshing take on the “reality” sphere. E! pledge :

“We wanted this show to be fun and entertaining but also something that has good messages”

It wouldn’t be surprising to see the show start a new trend knowing that Diane von Furstenberg is a trend-setter. Diane told E! :

“You can have a good time and still empower women. My mission in life is to empower women and so I hope this show will do that.”

The executive vice president of programming and development at E! Jeff Olde guarantees that House of DVF will be a “magical” experience full of words of wisdom from one of the most game-changing designers of our time.

House of DVF will premiere on E! in this Sunday November 2nd, 2014; and if you really can’t wait to watch it, don’t worrying I’m also dying to enjoy it… So let just watch the first full episode before it airs!


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